Looking ahead the next day, we are constantly developing, striving to stand pioneers in the increasingly demanding market developments

Our facilities are based, after the recent expansion in 2016, in a privately-owned 33,000 sq.m area and in a 13,000 sq.m covered infrastructure, which include the production plant, the warehouses, the mold making machine and the administration offices.

In our current facilities we moved in during 1995. Since then, we have been constantly investing in state-of-the-art equipment (injection molding machines, casting molds and automation systems), while selecting the right people to support the development of our Company and to restructure our production processes in order to always be able to respond to the increasingly demanding developments in the food packaging industry.


Machine shop of high specifications

After the last expansion of our Company's facilities, the new Machine Shop is fully equipped and staffed with highly trained personnel in the design, manufacture and maintenance of the molds.

Full technical support

Very short lead times for new products

Immediate handling of technical incidents

High and fully controlled manufacturing quality

In-house maintenance