Our philosophy

All our activities are carried out with respect for the environment and with human sensitivity. Together with the local community, we undertake, with increased sensitivity, an essential role by supporting through time actions and activities of social, cultural, humanitarian, cultural and athletic nature.

Our people

Recognizing the importance of education and the high level of specialization, we apply continuous training programs, customized to the subject area of each sector. At the same time, in our effort to promote the safety and health of our employees, we have secured, for all of them, a Private Health Insurance program.


For many years we support the Association of Disabled People called "Alkyone", contributing decisively to the construction of the Standard Assisted Living Accommodation. Over the last decade, we are significantly strengthening the Social Grocery of the Municipality of Nafpaktia and the social structures of Holy Metropolis of Nafpaktos and of Agios Vlasios. In 2017 we took the initiative to organize and fund entirely the "Learning My City by Playing" project, which was realized under the auspices of the Municipality of Nafpaktia and of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Aetoloakarnania - Lefkada. We contributed to the presentation of the Project entitled "Recognition, Documentation and Proposals for the Promotion of the Historic Settlement of Nafpaktos" under the name "εNAF", which was developed by the Department of Architecture of the University of Patras under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, in the framework of a Programming Agreement with the Municipality of Nafpaktia , aimed at developing a dialogue so as to improve the everyday life and lifestyle of residents in the wider region.

Education / "Production Routes"

In the context of the "Diadromes paragogis - Production Routes" project, dozens of children, of all levels of education, visit our facilities to get to know the Greek industry closely. All of their travel expenses are covered by our Company, which seeks to be the caterer of knowledge and of students’ thinking. Importance is also attached to planned visits by students and scholars of University Departments and Schools at our premises. Knowledge, technology, innovation are the fundamental axes on which constructive and mutually beneficial dialogue is built with the academic community.


Giving priority to sport and healthy outlets for youth, we have supported the academies of Nafpaktos football club Asteras, where more than 100 children train, while standing by the local basketball team. The "Lepanto Run" Running Games, as well as the student games in parallel that take place on an annual basis in Nafpaktos, have our practical support from the very first moment. At the same time, with tenacity, will and constant effort, the runner Christos Papadogeorgos is participating in demanding athletic competitions, he conquers even higher tops, with our Company standing firmly on his side, covering the cost of his comprehensive racing preparation.


In order to strengthen our corporate culture and develop stronger relationships among our employees, we encourage their voluntary participation in the actions which we support as a Company. We believe that the living experience of participation contributes to the development of personalities and at the same time it enables us to derive benefits that help to strengthen our individual abilities. We enthusiastically support volunteer actions and activities of social institutions, organisations, associations, as well as cultural events taking place in the greater Nafpaktia and Dorida area.


With particular sensitivity to the environment, we operate on the basis of global standards, adopting policies of strategic importance. These include the constant pursuit of minimizing resource consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the state-of-the-art ventilation/ air conditioning system in the production area which exploits environmental conditions in order to greatly reduce consumption, while controlled temperature and humidity ensure clean conditions of space. Despite the unfavorable economic circumstance, we are setting goals and breaking ground. Having the primary goal of saving resources while reducing our energy footprint, in 2016 we proceeded to build a geothermal park, which, along with vertical geothermal energy, is one of the most innovative facilities in the country. We have replaced conventional lighting with LED technology throughout the industrial plant and, with the exclusive use of energy-saving lubricants, we have significantly reduced the consumption of our production machines. It is outlined that for all of our operations all the waste is managed with respect to the environment, achieving high recycling rates.